Writing Workshops

Whether you’ve written a novel, or are hoping to start one, attending this series of six workshops will ensure you have those creative writing essentials at your fingertips. Each workshop looks at a different aspect of creative writing. Join fellow writers, working in small groups in a friendly environment, to test your story premise; perfect your opening page; show your character in the best light; consider your writer’s voice; shape your story and polish your prose. The course is open to anyone interested in writing a novel, in any genre.

Explore Your Premise

Convinced your story will be that gem every publisher is looking for? Before you invest time crafting, cutting and polishing, step back and check you’re holding an uncut diamond and not a lump of quartz.

In the first workshop we’ll be looking at what makes a good story premise.

Open with a Bang

Your opening page is like a shop window, a perfect opportunity to show the fascinating and exotic wares you have on offer. Its purpose is to entice the reader to step inside and lose themselves in your story world. It’s amazing what a little window dressing can do.

Discover what elements make a good opening page and why, in our second workshop.

Show a Little Character

You’ve imagined your character, right down to the posters on his bedroom wall, or his favourite TV show. It’s time to get him on the page. But how can you capture him in a way which makes him real to your readers?

In this workshop we’ll be exploring how to describe your characters in a way which brings them to life.

Find Your Voice

What do you understand by the term a writer’s voice? Is it about tone, language, pattern, rhythm, plot, theme, characterisation, awareness of audience? Is the term synonymous with a writer’s style?  It seems to be all these things and more. Louis Menand wrote: “Writing that has a voice is writing that has something like a personality. But whose personality is it?” which seems to be a good place to start.

This workshop challenges you to take control of your writer’s voice and show it who’s boss.

Shape Your Story

What does your character want most in the world? What conflicts stop him from achieving his goal? What is he afraid of? As he fights his dragons, rescues his princesses and defeats his enemies, how do the events he experiences change his outlook, motivations and fears?

In this workshop we’ll look at how your character’s inner journey gives shape to the story.

Polish Your Prose

Your premise is fresh, your plot is perfect, your settings seem real and your characters spring to life on the page. Why hasn’t your novel been snapped up? Agents and editors don’t read manuscripts for fun; they are looking for reasons to reject them. Don’t let your prose give them one. Writers write, it’s what we do. We need to make sure we do it well.

Location: Quaker Meeting Rooms, Mount Street, Central Manchester M2 5NS

Time: 2.00pm to 4.00pm

Dates: Saturdays:- tbc

Fee:  £15 per session or £75 for the complete course.

To enquire about availability please contact: lorrieporter.workshops@gmail.com.

I also run a monthly Writing Class and Critique Group in both Manchester and Macclesfield.

Fee:  £12 per session

To enquire about availability and on going dates please contact: lorrieporter.workshops@gmail.com.


8 thoughts on “Writing Workshops

  1. Louise Jones says:

    Excellent Workshops! I have learnt a lot in a relaxed atmosphere and feel I now have all the tools to turn my ramblings into that polished novel.

  2. Anna Violet says:

    I’ve learn’t a lot on just 2 workshops, thanks Lorrie

  3. Mike Tetzlaff says:

    I enjoyed these very focused and meaty sessions, I thought they were well worth the money. For me Lorrie’s workshops got to the nitty gritty of what makes a story that people want to read. Lorrie has helped me understand the components of a terrific tale….now it’s up to me 🙂

  4. Have really enjoyed Lorrie’s course, so much so some members including myself have continued it on a monthly basis! As an emergent author, you can feel as if you’re out on a limb, but taking part in a course like this really helps with information, perspective and much-needed feedback.
    Lorrie’s course is well-structured, tackling each different aspect of the requirements for modern published work. Any would-be author needs a course like this in order to keep on track.
    Thoroughly recommend.

  5. natalie jones says:

    Hi Lorrie, I would love to attend the Creative Writing workshops but not sure I could attend this springtime. Would you be doing any in September at all? Natalie

  6. Natalie says:

    Ok that’d be great thanks. I may well bite the bullet & do the spring course but will let u know asap.

  7. Natalie Jones says:

    Having completed the Writing Workshops I would just like to say thank you so much Lorrie for all the support and encouragement. You truly are an inspiration and I advocate anybody wanting to do writing to attend Lorries course X X

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