Writing Children’s Fiction: A Writers’ and Artists’ Companion by Linda Newbery and Yvonne Coppard

I’m planning to run a free creative writing workshop at Stockport Central Library on the 10th of August. The workshop is on how to help your reader visualise the story you’ve written in their mind’s eye and I want to use a worksheet which has extracts from other writers showing examples of how to do this. Being the conscientious girl I am, I wrote to each author seeking permission to photocopy their extract. One of the extracts is from The Shell House by Linda Newbery, a book I read as part of my MA course. When Linda replied granting permission (all the authors did. Writers are incredibly nice people) she mentioned that she had co-authored a book on writing fiction for children (with Yvonne Coppard) which was launched yesterday.

I couldn’t help myself. I asked if she’d write a guest post telling us about the book.

Here’s what Linda has to say about it: Continue reading

Getting the Right Know How

writing tuition

There’s a great post over on Roz Morris’s blog Nail Your Novel all about How to Get Writing Tuition if You Can’t Afford an Editor.

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