Setting the Pace – Increasing Dramatic Tension

I’ve been thinking recently about making the most of the dramatic moments in my stories. It’s easy to get carried away in the flurry of  writing, speeding from one action to the next, but before you know it the scene is over, and you’re left feeling dissatisfied. Below is an example of a ‘rushed’ moment. It’s at the point in my novel, Wolf Soul, where Maria is about to kill the wolf.

Bending down, Maria picked up the sabre. She turned, confused, towards the sounds of commotion. The wolf was at its victim’s throat, heedless of any danger. Blindly Maria thrust the blade towards the beast.

It does the job, but is over so quick the reader might almost miss it.

I read somewhere (and I wish I could remember where, but alas I can’t) that the way to extend dramatic tension in a scene is Continue reading