Creating a Picture Inside Your Reader’s Head

Books are more than words on a page. When we read them their stories seem filled with real people and places in our imaginations. But how, as writers, do we achieve this clarity of picture in the mind of a reader? I took a long hard look at the opening chapter of my novel, Wolf Soul, and came up with the following: Continue reading

7 Steps to Improving Your Prose

If you want a ‘how to’ book on writing a compelling story, there are plenty out there. They talk about character development, scene structure, creating believable settings. It’s a harder job to find a simple guide to improving your prose.

One book which fits the bill is The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman (also available from

It was recommended to me a few years ago by Nik Perring, and I love it because it showed me I could ‘learn’ to write good prose. It doesn’t have to be all inspiration from the muse. There are techniques. Knowing that made me keen to discover more.

So I’ve dug out a first draft of my novel, Wolf Soul, to find examples of seven useful things I’ve learned:-

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An Illuminating Post from Nik Perring

I’m extremely happy to welcome short story writer Nik Perring, co-author of Freaks, to the blog today.  I’ve asked him to share some of the inspirational flashes he’s had on his writing journey, when the world became suddenly brighter. Here’s what he has to say:-

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