Blog Awards

Blog awards aren’t something I have participated in thus far in my blogging career. I was grateful to receive a nomination last year for the Blog of the Year 2012 from Mridubala, but didn’t feel I could participate, as my blog was still so new you could smell fresh paint.

However, like buses, blog award nominations seem to be coming in threes (or even fours). I’ve had a few this past week, so I thought I’d amalgamate them and thank those who have been kind enough to nominate me.

I’m very grateful to Bette Stevens over at 4 Writers and Readers for supporting my efforts in the early days and giving me encouragement. Bette has kindly nominated me for two awards. The Word Press Family Award

and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 2

I’m also grateful to both Gedwardsmith, over at A New Writer’s Life and Times, and E W Brown from the Blissful Blog for their kind nominations of my blog for The Sunshine Award.

As the Very Inspiring Blogger Award requires me to state 7 things about myself, and the Sunshine Award provides a list of 10 things to tell, hopefully answering the listed questions will fulfil the requirements of both.

Favourite colour: Orange. The brighter the better.

Favourite animal: My cat

Favourite number: 2

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Starbucks Hot Chocolate

Favourite alcoholic drink: Gin

Facebook or Twitter: Neither if I can help it. What’s wrong with talking?

My passions: My faith, my family, my home, my writing.

Giving or receiving gifts: Receiving. To receive is to bless the giver.

Favourite city: Manchester, England.

Favourite TV shows: Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time.

And now to the best bit, a list of blogs I follow, all of whom can consider themselves nominated for one or all of the above:

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These are more a Journal style of blog

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And these are nothing to do with writing, but a I like them anyway

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