Getting the Right Know How

writing tuition

There’s a great post over on Roz Morris’s blog Nail Your Novel all about How to Get Writing Tuition if You Can’t Afford an Editor.

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Philip Caveney Tells How Real Locations Inspire His Fiction

I was very fortunate to meet today’s guest author, Philip Caveney, at a writers gathering in the Armenian Tavern near St Albert’s Square in Manchester (England) last Christmas. As with every author I meet, I smiled sweetly and asked if he could write a post for the blog. Being the lovely man he is, he said yes, so here it is: Continue reading

Hidden History Revealed by Mary Hoffman

I’m delighted today to welcome Mary Hoffman to the blog. As a writer of historical fiction Mary has some enlightening things to say about research.

Research – does it have to be dry?

One of the dangers of being a historical novelist, specially if you are one like me who doesn’t have a History degree, is overdoing your research. That doesn’t mean doing too much research: that’s almost impossible to do unless you do so much you never start writing the book. No – I mean overdoing the use of it in your novel. Continue reading