Opening the Right Door

Wendy Storer Guest Post

I’ve written a guest post over at Wendy Storer’s Blog on The Benefits of Time and how important it is when, as a writer, you are faced with too many doors and get distracted by choice.

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How To Become A Self-Published Author in 101 Steps

Here’s a fun post I came across on Change It Up Editing’s Facebook page.

How to Become A Self-Published Author in 101 Easy (Hard) Steps

The ARK Booktower by Rintala Eggertsson as part of the '1:1 Architects Build Small Spaces' exhibition back in 2010 at the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) in London, UK. The structure consisted of a timber tower with walls of books enclosing a spiral stair case and a central core. The central core was ergonomically scaled to create generous knooks to indulge in one of the many books that made up the walls.

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Perfecting Your Story Pitch with Lil Chase

I was lucky enough to attend a SCBWI workshop a few weeks ago given by Lil Chase, entitled ‘Books that Sell Well’. I was so impressed with what Lil had to say, I asked if she could share the essence of her workshop with you guys.

I’m grateful to her for not only saying ‘yes’, but also offering a prize for the best pitch. Continue reading

Concept Can Get You Published: Guy Saville Explains All

I’m breaking a rule today, which is always a good thing to do once in a while. Usually my guest authors write children’s or YA fiction. However, today I’m happy to welcome Guy Saville, an very dear friend of mine. Guy most definitely does not write fiction for children. His books are action-packed thrillers which explore the darker side of human nature.

Here’s what he has to say about getting published: Continue reading

Editing Processes Explained

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Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could get the plot lines in our stories, the characters, themes, and prose all colour coded and neatly lined up so we can see everything clearly within our narrative structures and know exactly what, how and where to edit.

Unfortunately life isn’t like that, and neither are manuscripts. That’s why the world has editors. Here’s a post I found on Change It Up Editing the other day, which explains the difference between Proofreading and Copy Editing.

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Books on Writing


There are a lot of books out there on writing craft, each with a different take on the subject. It can be hard sometimes to find the right book where you’re at in your writing. I came across a post recently entitled Building Your Writer’s Craft Library on Carrie Mumford’s blog which I must say I found very helpful. Some of the titles mentioned were already on my ‘must get’ list, and one was already on my bookshelf.

Hope you find it useful too.

Writing Resolutions from Sheena Wilkinson

It’s the start of a new year, and what better way to get back on track than making a New Year resolution. Here’s a guest post from author, Sheena Wilkinson, on how she’s getting the year off to a good start. Continue reading