Looking at the Big Picture – Are Your Character Motivations Working?

Sometimes when you’re editing, you can find yourself spending so much time focusing on the line by line detail that you lose track of the big picture. It’s something I’ve had a lot of trouble with writing my second novel, Cradlesnatch, partly because it’s taking so long to get the first draft down on paper. I find I lose track of the story’s inner connections.

I wasn’t sure what to do about the problem. When I’m sitting at the computer all I see is the section of manuscript I’m working on. It felt like I needed to make room in my head to get a grasp of the story as a whole. So I started taking afternoon walks. Continue reading

Can Technology Help Write a Story?

A couple of months ago, as I googled away an unproductive afternoon, I came across a nifty little computer program called yWriter.

It portrays itself as a word processor which “breaks your novel into chapters and scenes, helping you keep track of your work.”  As luck would have it, this is exactly what I needed to do with my current work in progress, Cradlesnatch. So I clicked on Download Now.

Then I started to play with my new toy.

Continue reading