Writing From The Heart

I’ve been asked to do my first guest blog post over at Everest by Fog. It’s a great blog filled with inspiration and writing advice and the general thoughts of its creator, Wm Luke Everest. I read it myself so it was exciting to be asked to contribute. However, when I sat down to put pen to paper I couldn’t find any words. It wasn’t the idea I had trouble with, I wanted to write something a bit different from my usual posts, something which could inspire rather than instruct, and that’s where my problem started. Usually I write from an analytical frame of mind. I read, investigate, and dissect the writing processes of myself and others.

Writing from the Heart by Lorrie Porter

This post is different. This post is more personal. I wanted to share. And you can’t do that analytically. I remembered a quote I’d read, which I shall misquote here. It went along the lines of “Writing is easy, you just sit at the typewriter and bleed.”

So I threw away my first draft and started again. This time I wrote from the heart.

If you want to see what I came up with, click the link: How to Keep Writing by Lorrie Porter