Bad Habits for Writers – Highlighting the Problems

I was privileged last Saturday to attend the second of Sara Grant’s Revision Workshops hosted by North East SCBWI in York. Much was learnt during Sara’s workshops, too much to detail in one post, but I thought I’d share one insight, which I have found very helpful.

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Looking at Your Writing with a Fresh Eye: Bob Burke Explains

One of the really nice things about being an aspiring writer celebrating the successes of other writers you meet along the way. Many years ago I was a member of the online writer’s forum YouWriteOn, where I got to know several writers who are now successfully published. One of these was Bob Burke, author of the Third Pig Detective Agency series.

It’s strange to think that by providing feedback for early drafts of Bob’s first book, I helped in some small way. So I thought I’d ask Bob what he thought about writers’ feedback and critique groups.

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Rough First Drafts and Rigorous Revision with Sara Grant

I first met Sara Grant at her workshop on editing (a workshop I highly recommend) when, of course, I asked if she would be willing to provide a post for this blog. Being the lovely lady she is, she said yes. So here in a nutshell is her wisdom on the editing process.

Rough First Drafts and Rigorous Revision

You’ve finished the first draft of your novel. Stop. Celebrate. Take a much needed break. Once you are refreshed…

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