Writing Believable Characters: Sarah Naughton Says How

I’m delighted to welcome Sarah Naughton to the blog today to talk about some of the characters in her debut novel, The Hanged Man Rises. Sarah and I share the same agent, Eve White, and met through her one-time editor, Shelley Instone. Sarah also blogs over at Author Allsorts.

But enough of the name dropping, here’s what Sarah has to say: Continue reading

It’s a Steal

Browsing the internet as I am wont to do, in my endeavour to find fitting content for this blog, I came across an article entitled Steal This List by Janis Hubschman.

So I did.


Hope you find it helpful.

Looking at the Big Picture – Are Your Character Motivations Working?

Sometimes when you’re editing, you can find yourself spending so much time focusing on the line by line detail that you lose track of the big picture. It’s something I’ve had a lot of trouble with writing my second novel, Cradlesnatch, partly because it’s taking so long to get the first draft down on paper. I find I lose track of the story’s inner connections.

I wasn’t sure what to do about the problem. When I’m sitting at the computer all I see is the section of manuscript I’m working on. It felt like I needed to make room in my head to get a grasp of the story as a whole. So I started taking afternoon walks. Continue reading

Getting to Grips with Your Character’s Inner Workings

Creating a believable character is a fundamental part of writing fiction. Unfortunately we can’t simply ‘assemble’ a character like the parts of a car.

Taking Character Apart

Here’s a great post on Kim’s Crafty Blog about how to write character: Character in Fiction: A Set of Approaches

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Is This Politically Correct?


The idea of political correctness can be a bit of a hot potato. However, one of the most valuable things I’ve learnt from working with an editor has been the importance of being sensitive to stereotyping, particularly when writing for children and young adults. Continue reading