Seeing the World Through A Poet’s Eye

Literary Terms in Poetry

As fiction writers it’s sometimes good to widen our perspectives and think about poetry and poetical devices.  Poetry is a form which plays with the written word, shaking it up and giving us a different view of the world. Here’s a post from Enjoying Poetry, Our everyday smile, which explains some of poetry’s more Literary Terms.

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8 thoughts on “Seeing the World Through A Poet’s Eye

  1. I’ve tried my hand at poetry a few times, don’t know if I would call myself a poet though. I tend to only want to write it when I’m in love lol

  2. Jenny Alexander says:

    I write mostly children’s fiction and non-fiction – funny, down-to-earth, real-life stories – but every couple of years I’ll go on a poetry course to help me develop my prose style. It’s different, interesting, and it really works for me 🙂

    • I was a complete poetry non-starter until I did a course with Mandy Coe and it totally changed my feelings towards it. Not that I write any, but I appreciate the freedom it gives writes.

  3. Lorrie, I have no other words to say only to thank you for your recognition. The way you have done spins around my head, going round and round for I don’t know the actual word to go by. Poets think that way, they have a different view of the world, just to make people happy, sad, surprised……emotions only emotions are a driving mind to a poet. Do you have any resource regarding poetry that you can share me?

  4. Hi Paul. It’s my pleasure. It was lovely to be able to share your post. I’m afraid I don’t actually know a lot about poetry. There must be some other good poetry blogs out there though. Have a go searching ‘poetry’ in the WordPress reader. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  5. Lorrie,

    One of my favorite quotes (if you don’t already know it), by François Mauriac: “I believe that only poetry counts … A great novelist is first of all a great poet.”


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