Pinning Down Your Pitch

On Saturday I ran my first workshop in a series of six, during which we talked a lot about story premise and how a good premise can be used to pitch your story idea to agents and editors.

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Here’s a slightly different take on using an ‘elevator pitch’ which I found recently on Linda Armstrong’s blog, One Way to Wonder. It talks about the High Concept Idea. For me, ‘high concept’ equates to the originality of your story idea, and is an important part of developing a strong premise.

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3 thoughts on “Pinning Down Your Pitch

  1. Hi Lorrie
    For some reason I couldn’t get the links to work. Help!

  2. P.A.Lewis Brown says:

    Hi Lorrie
    I never got the link either

  3. That’s weird, they’re working for me, The full link address is:
    If the link still won’t work, you may have to copy and paste it into your browser. Sorry about this.

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